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About Dronninglund Cup

- History and contact persons

A bit of history


Dronninglund Cup was arranged for the first time ever in 1978 by the Handball Department of Dronninglund Athletic Association. The start was a very modest one. Only approximately 60 teams mainly from Norway and Denmark participated, and only in very few age groups (U14, U16 and U18).

Since then the tournament has grown bigger by the year, and when Dronninglund Cup celebrated its 25th anniversairy in 2002, 210 teams from 23 different nations participated in the age groups U12 to U21. Now we have changed the age group U21 to U22.

In the beginning, the only place of accomodation for the participants was Dronninglund School - today we use all schools in Dronninglund and the neighbouring towns (Hjallerup,  and possibly Asaa as well). At the same time, we have established a connection by bus between the various places of accommodation in order for both leaders, trainers and players to travel free of charge between the towns from 6:30 a.m. to 11. p.m. 

By now we have also opened a non-alcoholic discoteque which has become a very popular venue among the participants. It is not unusual that up to 1.000 youngsters show up every night.


Who and what

Dronninglund Cup is run by a co-ordination group consisting of four members.


Simon Aagaard Poulsen:  Leader of Dronninglund Cup

Responsible for registration, accomodation, transport etc. He is also the contact person as regards the authorities, the DHF and the EHF.

E-mail: info@dronninglundcup.com


Christen Hansen Bager:

In charge of the Tournament Management, the courts,  the referees, IT/internet and Public Relations.

E-mail: info@dronninglundcup.dk



Ingolf Pedersen:

Responsible for payments, accounts/financial circumstances, meals and sponsorships.

E-mail: i-pe@stofanet.dk



Torben Pedersen:        

In charge of prizes, booths, discoteque etc.

E-mail: fam.pedersen@mail.dk