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Tournament plan 2017 is ready!

The enrolment is over for this year and now we are looking forward to seeing all 240 teams!

We have made a TENTATIVE plan of groups of teams that are to meet each other in the preliminary round. Please visit the site: -> Fixture.

Check if number of teams, age group and sex are correct.

If we have formed groups with teams who regularly meet each other in national tournaments, we encourage coaches/team leaders to contact us as soon as possible - preferably with constructive suggestions regarding changes so that we can shuffle teams around as smoothly as possible. When the final tournament plan will be put on-line - probably around 5 July 2017 -  on the same site, so please follow the activity there.

The tournament itself consists of three divisions of matches:

  • The preliminary matches
  • The intermediate matches
  • The finals


Preliminary matches:

All teams are divided according to gender: Boys or Girls.

All teams are divided according to age groups: Boys 12, Boys 14 etc., Girls 12, Girls 14 ... Girls "all Stars".

Then every age group is divided into differents groups consisting of approximately 4-5 teams. Only as an exception, groups of 3 or 6 teams will be made. The groups are also put together specifically in order to avoid meeting opponents that you have already played against in the national tournament. That is also why the intermediary tournament plan is being placed on our internet site around June 22 2017, so that the clubs have time to react if they are to meet an opponent from the domestic tournament.

Matches within the individual groups will be played on Tuesday and Thursday.

After the preliminary matches, the remaining teams are divided into two main groups: Group A and B.

Group A consists of the winning team and the runner-up (as an exception also team number 3) fra every group.

Group B consists of the remaining teams, e.g. number 3, 4 and possibly also team number 5 and 6.

Then a new tournament plan is made for the intermediate matches. This plan, however, will not be finished until Wednesday evening at 10 p.m when it can be picked up at the Information Booth.


The intermediate matches

The intermediate matches will be played on Thursday and Friday, and then a plan for the final matches will be made. The intermediate round also consists of groups of 4-5 teams, and all teams will get to play against one another.

The plan for the finals will be made public at the same time as the plan for the intermediate matches. Here it will also be made clear which matches that have to be won in order to move on to the finals.


The finals:

Two final rounds will be made: one for Group A and one for Group B.

In every main group a final is to be played, but in case of too many teams, for instance for Girls 16, it may be necessary with both quarter- and semifinals. The finals will be played according to the principle that only the winning team qualifies to the next match, whereas the other team is out of the tournament.

The finals themselves will take place on the indoor courts in Hal 1 and Hal 2 on Saturday July 15 2017 from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Please note, however, that the finals for "All Stars" will be played on Friday night 14 2017 from 7:30 p.m. onwards in Hal 1.

If there are too few teams in an age category, a general tournament including more age categories will be established. In this case, the final match will be played by the two teams which obtain the best results in the preliminary matches.


Match duration:

All matches last 2 times 15 minutes.
All A-finals, however, last 2 times 20 minutes.


Publication of the tournament plan

The tournament plan itself will be made public on the internet on the 1st of July 2017 - click here. In addition, it will also be printed and handed out at check-in.

Please note that changes to the plan may occur after this date. Information about changes will appear from the tournament plan on the internet and by notices. All affected teams will be informed specifically.

Text message with match results

Naturally, all match results can be found online, but recently we have introduced a new service where you can receive the results of the matches directly to your mobile phone as a text message (at present, this only includes Denmark, Norway and Sweden).

If you follow the link, it is possible to subscribe to a particular group, a particular team (several matches) or a particular match.

When we receive the results from the match, a text message is automatically sent out. The price per text message is approximately DKK 3.00.


For your smartphone you can also follow the tournament if you follow this link or scan this QR-code: