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  • Anden indkvartering
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Other kinds of accommodation

- You do not have to stay at places of accommodation of Dronninglund Cup


The main part of the participants in Dronninglund Cup is accomodated at schools in Dronninglund, Asaa and Hjallerup. Some also chose to stay at the camping site, whereas others prefer the hotel.

There is, however, yet another possibility - namely that of finding another kind of accomodation yourself.

In these cases, the participants themselves normally take care of finding somewhere to stay, but speaking from experience we know that it may be difficult to find a different kind of accomodation for one or more teams.

If it is, on the other hand, a matter of finding accomodation for family and friends who wish to combine Dronninglund Cup with a small vacation, there is a number of firms who let out summer cottages in Vendsyssel. We can only offer our help in a few exceptional cases, but we generally refer to hire services that can offer a large number of summer- and holiday cottages in various sizes and price ranges.


Sol og Strand (Sun & Beach)

One of the largest Danish hire services is ‘Sol og Strand’ - Sun and Beach - which has cottages for rent all over Denmark - obviously also in the Northern part of Jutland. 

If you are interested in renting a cottage, we highly recommend that you go exploring on their website.


Ilsigvej 21
DK-9492 Blokhus
Phone.: +45 99 44 44 44
Fax: +45 99 44 44 45
E-mail: info@sologstrand.dk
Web: www.sologstrand.dk



Feline Holidays

Feline gathers summer cottages and holiday homes from more than 50 rental agencies on one homepage and makes it easy to search among them all. This gives you the largest selection of summer cottages with the best situation in Northern Jutland.


Nygade 8B, 2.th
DK-7400 Herning
Tlf. 0-808-120-7594
E-mail: info@feline-holidays.com 
Web: www.feline-holidays.com




Five miles west of Dronninglund you will find "Rosenbyhytten" belonging to the FDF scouts:

  • Capacity: 28 persons
  • 3 bedrooms each with 8 beds, shower and toilet.
  • 2 bedrooms / separate rooms, each with 2 beds
  • Kitchen with stove, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher.
  • Service to 50 people.
  • Wood stove
  • 8 acres of land with open spaces for tent sites, campfire and football.



Rosenbyhytten, Himmerigsvej 3, DK-9330 Dronninglund, Denmark



Erik Grundahl, Tel: +45 9884 4082
E-mail: grundahl@adslhome.dk


Bed & Breakfast

Holtegaard is a beautiful old farmhouse situated in the middle of Northern Jutland – between motorway junction 16 and 17.

Holtegaard has 4 double bedrooms - including one with 3 beds and 2 singles. Extra bed on request.

V. Hassingvej 39
DK-9330 Dronninglund
Tlf. +45 20272196



Cosy cottage situated in quiet surroundings in Asaa near the beach.

Includes living room, kitchen, bedroom, room with 2 beds and bath, and a small terrace. 

Nels Sørensen
Sæbyvej 11
DK-9340 Asaa
Tel.: +45 20259505



Sorensminde in Geraa

Newly renovated house in the village of Geraa allows that one can again settle in the city for a shorter or longer period. 5 beds + an extra bed in the living room.

Niels Jensen, Strandvejen 276, DK-9340 Aså, Denmark - Tel. +45 51894302
Jens P. Thomsen, Strandvejen 327, DK-9340 Aså, Denmark - Tel. +45 98851519



Ellekær-Gaard - farmhouse near Voergaard Castle, north of Dronninglund.

Double room with living room in suite, breakfast (organic). Extra bed. Bikes to rent.

Tel. +45 35110 290 or +45 3118 3732 



Skaksen Family Residence:

Lindenovsvej 36
DK-9330 Dronninglund   
Tel.: +45 98841555 - +45 25851255


The Skak Jensen Family.

No option to buy breakfast. However, you are free to make it yourself.

Kirkevej 8 
DK-9330 Dronninglund 
Tel.: +45 98841776 or +45 26923044